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Cancer pain is a condition which is often misunderstood. At Leva Clinic, our UK-based expert team understands what cancer pain symptoms mean for patients and believe that the pain and fatigue it causes can be effectively managed with the right support.

Cancer pain FAQs

What is cancer pain?

All types of cancer can cause immense pain. This can be felt as burning, tingling, aching, throbbing and others. The pain can be felt both at the sight of the cancer or elsewhere in your body. This pain can either be acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term)

What causes cancer pain?

As a cancer grows, it can start to push on nearby tissue. If the cancer pushes on your nerves, bones or organs this can cause pain. Cancer may also lead to inflammation which damages organs leading to pain. Finally, medications, surgeries or tests for cancer may contribute to pain.

Is there a cure for cancer pain?

There is no specific medication which will cure cancer pain, but a range of treatments can help to minimise it as much as possible. The most effective way to treat your cancer pain is by treating the cancer, using surgery or medications. Until the cancer has been treated, talking therapies, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, physical activity and over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen and paracetamol can be helpful.

Our private pain management clinic

At Leva Clinic, patients have access to a dedicated cancer and pain management expert team of doctors, nurses, clinical psychologists and physiotherapists that can create a bespoke care plan with you based on the latest research and guidelines. Our holistic care plans include a mixture of mind, movements and medications. 

Take a look at an example care plan below:


Emma, 47 years old

  • Occupation: Care home nurse  

  • Condition: Diagnosed with lung cancer six months ago

  • ​Goal: To be able to return to her daily activities as much as normal without the pain making her need to return home to rest.

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MOVEMENT: Emma was given breathing exercises to perform when she started to feel pain. The physiotherapist set up an activity plan so that she could carry on with a manageable number of daily activities. Emma slowly built up how much she was able to do so that the pain did not become overwhelming. 

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MEDICATION: Emma received a full medication review which showed that she was taking medications which were not effective in treating chronic pain. Prescribing medication to take when the pain came on reduced Emma’s pill burden and made the treatment more effective. The Leva team also enrolled Emma on a trial for medical cannabis which has improved her daily pain.

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MIND: Clinical psychologist sessions with Emma focussed on determining which activities caused her the most pain. By focussing on what she missed the most, the psychologist carried out a course of cognitive behavioural therapy which allowed Emma to slowly reintroduce the activities which previously caused the most pain.


After 3 months, Emma had an activity plan which allowed her to continue doing what she loved the most. By re-assessing what she was able to do despite the pain, her day-to-day life now has a new normal. The physiotherapists helped her to alter how she carries out simple tasks such as going shopping and walking her dogs. She continues to receive medical cannabis through the trial which controls her pain and has improved her wellbeing. Emma now receives monthly check-ups with the physiotherapist and nurse to discuss areas of her life which cause the most pain. She’s much happier with what she is able to do and feels in control of her pain.



  • Eligibility call: Free

  • Initial consultation with dedicated pain management team and bespoke care plan*: £99

  • Further treatment: Bespoke 

*Every patient will get access to the Leva Clinic Pain Management online course for free at the end of their carenormally available for a one-off payment of £60.

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