Personalised treatment plans created with chronic pain experts.  

Medical Cannabis Service


Leva Clinic supports research into the safety and efficacy of Medical Cannabis, to further understand the medication in relation to pain.  

How can we help

At Leva Clinic, patients have access to a dedicated pain expert team of doctors, nurses, clinical psychologists and physiotherapists that can create a bespoke care plan for you based on the latest research and guidelines. Our holistic treatment plans include a mixture of mind, movements and medications. The care plans can also include participating in Project Twenty21, a Medical Cannabis research study utilising real world evidence.  

Take a look at an example care plan below:

back pain patient

Eve, 32 years old

  • Occupation: Software Developer.  

  • Condition: Diagnosed with chronic knee pain 3 years ago.

  • ​Goal: To be able to walk to work without stopping because of her chronic knee pain. 

back pain treatment movement

MOVEMENT: Eve looked at stretches and exercises she could do before and after work to help her manage her pain better. Eve had been worried about cycling when in pain, and the physiotherapist helped her to pace her return back to long walks again.    

back pain treatment medication

MEDICATION: Louise received a full medication review and was prescribed Medical Cannabis by her consultant doctor. She was reviewed regularly by her consultant and nurse to ensure she was on the appropriate dose for her.      

back pain treatment mind

MIND: Clinical Psychologist sessions where Eve discussed the impact her chronic knee pain was having on her life, and the anxiety she was facing at work from having regular flare-ups. They covered techniques for Eve to cope with the pain she is experiencing in her day-to-day life.     


After 3 months, Eve was able to better manage her pain and was experiencing a better quality of life. She was able to walk to and from work without stopping several times a week. Eve’s clinical team keep in regular contact and check in on a monthly basis to provide continued support. Louise also keeps up a daily habit of mindfulness exercises through Leva Clinic’s pain management programme.  



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  • Every patient will get access to the Leva clinic Pain Management Programme (PMP) for free. The PMP is a digital programme to help patients manage their pain and is normally available for a one-off payment of £60.

  • Student discount = £20 off on first consultation (new patients only). 

  • Medication payment will be processed by our partner pharmacies and are not included in these prices.

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