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Multiple Sclerosis is a condition which is often misunderstood. At Leva Clinic, our UK-based expert team understands what Multiple Sclerosis symptoms mean for patients and believe that the pain and fatigue it causes can be effectively managed with the right support.

Multiple Sclerosis FAQs

What is multiple sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is a disease which affects the nerve cells of your brain and spinal cord. It is an autoimmune disease, meaning that your immune system starts to damage your body’s own cells. Doctors do not fully understand what causes multiple sclerosis.

How does multiple sclerosis cause pain?

Multiple sclerosis symptoms most often arise for a short period of time then disappear. Symptoms may be present for a matter of days or weeks, then subside for up to years. Pain can be felt as burning, tingling or stabbing in different parts of your body. This happens as damaged nerves send a signal to your brain, which your brain interprets as pain.

Is there a cure for multiple sclerosis pain?

There is no cure for multiple sclerosis. Treatment aims to reduce how frequently you develop symptoms, decreasing the amount of the pain that you feel. Treatment includes a mixture of medications and physical activity to help strengthen and support your body.

Our private pain management clinic

At Leva Clinic, patients have access to a dedicated multiple sclerosis and pain management expert team of doctors, nurses, clinical psychologists and physiotherapists that can create a bespoke care plan with you based on the latest research and guidelines. Our holistic care plans include a mixture of mind, movements and medications. 

Take a look at an example care plan below:


Lorenzo, 28 years old

  • Occupation: Salesperson

  • Condition: Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis three years and having attacks roughly once every six months

  • Goal: To decrease the frequency and severity of multiple sclerosis as he travels a lot for work. Lorenzo currently has to say no to work opportunities as he does not want to have an attack of multiple sclerosis whilst away from home and his usual doctors.

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MOVEMENT: Lorenzo’s physiotherapist and occupational therapist showed him specific stretches and strengthening exercises which have allowed him to alter how he carries out daily tasks, decreasing the frequency of multiple sclerosis symptoms. Lorenzo has also started carrying out yoga twice per week, this has kept him physically fit and also decreased his stress levels.

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MEDICATION: Leva Clinic nurses took time to understand the medications that Lorenzo had previously tried through the NHS. Lorenzo had previously tried Sativex for his muscle stiffness and was keen to explore Medical Cannabis options more. The nurse talked through treatment options with Lorenzo and booked him in to speak with a Leva Clinic consultant to discuss Medical Cannabis oil for his symptoms.   

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MIND: Yoga and mindfulness has helped Lorenzo to feel less stressed about his disease. Weekly cognitive behavioural therapy, a form of talking therapy, has greatly reduced the anxiety that Lorenzo has about a flare up whilst at work. Now, he is able to travel much more easily and has coping techniques if he starts to become anxious.


Lorenzo enjoys his work much more as he knows that he has the medication and coping techniques to overcome an attack of multiple sclerosis. He continues weekly yoga and mindfulness and whilst he has finished his course of cognitive behavioural therapy, he continues to use the breathing exercises that he learnt. Lorenzo meets monthly with the Leva team to discuss how he is doing and whether the pain management is working


  • Eligibility call: Free

  • Initial consultation with dedicated pain management team and bespoke care plan*: £99

  • Further treatment: Bespoke 

*Every patient will get access to the Leva Clinic Pain Management online course for free at the end of their carenormally available for a one-off payment of £60.

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