Celebrating World Physiotherapy Day

Over the past 2 years Covid-19 has helped us to recognise some of the unsung heroes within healthcare, and physiotherapists are one group of people who definitely deserve more recognition. Here at Leva Clinic we understand how vital a role physios play in chronic pain patients lives, so this world physiotherapy day we’re celebrating everything that physiotherapists do to keep us active and doing the things we love.

Movement is a big part of what Leva Clinic focuses on, alongside working with medicine and looking after our minds, so physios are invaluable to us. We’ve worked alongside them to shape the work we do, mostly recently with the digital pain management programme. Physios played a part in the whole process of creating the programme, making sure that we’re supporting people without pushing them too hard. Anyone living with chronic pain will know it’s a difficult balance to strike, but physios make it look easy and having that knowledge within Leva Clinic has helped so many patients.

Our physiotherapists joined Leva Clinic because like us, they believe that chronic pain services should be easily accessible and not split off into multiple referrals and hospitals. With their experience and expertise they help us to do just that too, always going above and beyond to help patients achieve their goals.

Leva Clinic and our partners, including the Boots Health Hub, are dedicated to promoting the fantastic work that our physios do.

Physiotherapists truly are one of the cornerstones of the Leva Clinic, we couldn’t be without them. Thank you Clair Jacobs, Diarmuid Denneny, Paul Knight, Terry Smith, Claire Campbell, Alice Morgan and Jackie Walumbe for all the amazing work you do!