Patient's Perspective - Shona Louise

Shona Louise patient representative and advisor at Leva Clinic

Back in March I introduced myself to you all when I spoke about finding accessible work when living with chronic pain, so today is a bit of a reintroduction!

I’m Shona, a patient inclusion writer and advisor here at Leva Clinic, as well as being a disability advocate and freelance writer. I’ve been helping to increase the patient voice at Leva Clinic for 5 months now, predominantly working on the recently released pain management programme. I’m so excited that it’s out there for the world to see and experience now. I learnt a lot along the way and I hope others will learn from it too.

I’ve been living with chronic pain for over 8 years now, since I was a teenager, so getting to help shape a pain management programme to be the kind of tool that I need in my life has been incredible. Often patient care is guided by those who don’t experience the ups and downs of life with chronic pain, so to me the whole process felt revolutionary. Myself and other patients were able to use our own experiences to shape the programme into what it is today.

I’m so happy that I get to now continue that work of injecting the patient voice into Leva Clinic via our new weekly column, Patient’s Perspective. Every week you’ll be hearing from me about my experience of chronic pain, the things I’ve learnt along the way and how you can live the best life possible with your pain.

I’ll be covering everything from my experience of exercise and taking medication, what I learnt from helping to write the pain management programme and more, including some guest interviews along the way with experts and patients.

Coping with chronic pain is about more than just medication and treatments, I want to share how you can live well with pain, not just survive it. Whether that’s getting back to your hobbies and passions, finding accessible work or learning how to pace, it’s all part of living well with chronic pain.

Here at Leva Clinic we’re all about looking after your whole self, so I can’t wait to start sharing how I navigate life with my chronic pain.

Shona Louise

You can follow Shona on Twitter @shonalouiseblog