The Pain Podcast (Episode 1): The Importance of Family & Chronic Pain

In honour of Pain Awareness Month 2021, we are excited to launch The Pain Podcast by Leva Clinic. The Pain Podcast interviews real people with raw stories. Zoha and Chris invite a new guest every episode to discuss various aspects of chronic pain – from those who experience it to those who study it to those who have made advocating for it their life’s work.

“When my mental health is better, then my physical health is better”

Our first guest, Ian Taverner, is a father and author who formerly worked in the corporate world before having to re-evaluate his life decisions and put his health first. What first started as vague, unspecified pain soon began to take control of Ian’s life. Ian’s story will be all too familiar for those who have felt abandoned and confused after a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. His battle with chronic pain and depression kept him from being the father he wanted to be for his children.

“I missed birthdays, I missed Christmases, I missed so many school events”

In the past few years, Ian adopted cooking as a way to reconnect with his family and create memories with his children. During this time, he realised that the cookbooks he used took for granted the simple actions that a person with poor mental health may not consider. Ian wants to help others find joy in cooking and rebuild a life that, not long ago, he too thought was out of reach.

“I’m not going to do everything every day, it’s about doing just a little more”

His first book, “Cookfulness: A Therapeutic Approach to Cooking”, tackles the challenges of cooking in a manner that is mindful to those with chronic pain. In this episode, Ian touches upon his journey from various uncertain diagnoses, battling depression & anxiety and the bedrock of support in his life: his family.

The Pain Podcast is available for free on Spotify and Apple Music.