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First Published 5/25/2023

Last Updated 6/30/2023

Do you live with or care for someone with chronic pain (also known as persistent pain)? Help us build the pain service you’d like to use.

About Leva Clinic

12 million adults in the UK live with significant chronic pain. We help them achieve the things they didn't think were possible. Like walking a marathon or just making today more bearable.

We do this by combining fast, effective and accessible clinician-led care with self-guided tools and community.

We were the first fully-online CQC-regulated pain clinic and offer treatments including those not available on the NHS.

About our Patient Advisory Board

If you’ve got experience and perspective on what excellent pain products and services should look like, then we need your help.

We’re looking to create a Patient Advisory Board. The group will represent the wider patient and carer community. We need the group to help us understand how we can better serve your needs, provide a valued sounding board for our future products and services, and provide insight into how we can become more accessible to others like you.

We’ll meet once every 3 months for 1-2 hours either online or in-person (dependent on the location of members). You’ll be involved in helping us create the clinic of the future. We’re able to pay for your time and expenses incurred. All we ask for in return is you share your experiences, ideas and perspectives.

You’ll likely be involved in tasks such as:

  • Testing and inputting to digital product and clinic services

  • Providing feedback and comment on patient information, language and marketing materials

  • Giving us an insight into the wider industry and patient experience

  • Giving us an insight into trends, perception and news in the community you represent

  • Presenting at board meetings

  • Attending speaking events on our behalf (extra-curricular)

About you

We’re especially keen to hear from you if you have experience in at least one the following areas:

  • You’ve experienced one of the following:

    • Fibromyalgia

    • Back pain

    • Endometriosis and/or pelvic pain

    • Hypermobility eg EDS

    • Neuropathic pain

    • Arthritis

  • You’re a veteran

  • You care for someone living with chronic pain

We’re looking to build as wide and diverse group of individuals as we can, limited to 8-12 members in total.

No qualifications are necessary. All we ask is that you’re able to attend meetings, are able to offer your experience and perspectives, and are open to attending additional events (which you will be remunerated for).


We’re able to pay £25 per hour plus expenses where appropriate.

Apply to join

We’re inviting applicants to join our Patient Advisory Board. Click the button below to complete our form. We'll be back in touch shortly.

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