Discover cannabis-based medication

To help regain control over your pain

A more natural alternative
Cannabis-based medication can be a safe, effective alternative to traditional painkillers with fewer side effects.

Untapped potential
Stigma, misinformation and cost mean that millions are held back from its potential benefits.

Transform how you tackle pain

Change comes when you tackle pain with more than just medical cannabis - pain and it’s ugly tentacles, and not just the physical symptoms.

Better meds
Cannabis-based medication can give you space.

Better mind
So you feel able to tackle the root of your pain from a place of control.

Better life
As you regain confidence and step back into life.


Discover our 3-in-1 approach

We treat the root of your pain, not just the symptoms.


1-1 support

Your own team of pain experts

Trusted by patients and peers for their compassionate care for complex conditions.


Tools for lasting change

Unlock and apply the latest pain science

Follow our 'pain training' programme at your own pace and access online clinician-led community sessions.


Cannabis-based medication

Replace painkillers if you'd like extra support

Discover an effective and safe form of pain relief under the attentive care of your pain team.

Prescription and oil

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Change starts now

3 month

Pain Assessment + Plan

See a leading pain consultant online. Receive a personalised treatment plan and get lifetime access to our self-guided pain management programme.


Now £99

"The first time in my life there was a space without pain"

We've supported hundreds of patients including Claire, Vernon, Emma and John. Watch them share their experiences.

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Data analysed by Imperial College London and Drug Science concluded...

Depression PROMS

50% reduction in anxiety and depression †


97% of patients reported no side effects †


94% of patients reported pain severity improvement †


59% stopped opioid usage †

Why Leva?

Hundreds have entrusted us with their care already. See how we compare against alternative options.


vs. medical cannabis clinics

More than medication

We’re specialists in pain who prescribe medical cannabis, not the other way around. Our 3-in-1 approach tackles the root of your pain to help you find days when you don’t feel the need for any medication - including cannabis-based - but know it’s there if you need it. For the sake of your health, confidence and finances.

CBD oil

vs. CBD

Medication, not supplement

Shop-bought CBD is derived from the hemp plant and sold as a food supplement. Medical-grade cannabis is different. It’s derived from the cannabis plant, is highly regulated and only available on prescription for specific medical conditions.

Going private

vs. going private

Why pay for generic advice?

Paying for private appointments can be punishingly expensive, especially if pain impacts your finances. Why pay for generic advice? We’ve packed it into our app so you only pay a consultant’s time to help make it work for you.

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Discover sustainable pain relief without unpleasant side effects for yourself.

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Data from proprietary data sources including working with researchers from Imperial College and participation in research with Project Twenty21, Drug Sciences Project. BP (Pain Severity): 94% of patients reported an improvement in the severity of their pain. The percentage of chronic pain patients who reported any use of opioids had reduced from 441 (55.1%) to 177 (22.1%) indicating that over half (59.9%) of those using opioids had stopped all use of the drugs. >50% of patients with indications of major depression on initial assessment show significant improvement after 3 months of treatment with medical cannabis and an online pain management programme.

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