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Shona Louise | Patient Inclusion Advisor at Leva Clinic

First Published 2/1/2022

Last Updated 4/18/2023

When we think of cancer, people often associate it with things like losing your hair and sickness, but both short term and long term pain are a common experience for many people living with cancer. If you have cancer yourself, you might think that services such as the Leva Clinic are not designed for you, but we’re here to help manage anyone’s pain, regardless of their diagnosis. At the end of the day, pain is pain.

Understanding your pain is the first step towards managing it, and this includes working out what type of pain you’re dealing with. Neuropathic pain, inflammatory pain and musclo-skeletal pain are just a few examples of the type of pain you might be experiencing. Once we have worked this out, we can start to put together a management plan that fits your life and expectations.

Medications are just as important as emotional and wellbeing support when it comes to pain. We want to give you the tools to not only manage the pain itself, but the consequences of living with pain. You might be dealing with depression, anxiety or a lack of sleep as a result, and here at the Leva Clinic we aim to address all your needs.

Learning how to communicate about your pain to your healthcare providers is also really important, and this is something we explore in our 12 module digital pain management programme. Gaining the ability to communicate what you’re dealing with, as well as your own ideas and expectations, is a really valuable skill. This will also help you to feel more in control of your situation.

We know that finding the right support when you’re living with cancer is really important, and we hope that you feel welcome here at the Leva Clinic, where our health professionals are ready to help you manage your pain and achieve the best quality of life you can.

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