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First Published 7/4/2023

Last Updated 9/27/2023

📣 New in the Leva app: request hand-picked alternatives if your medication is out of stock.

If you're living with pain, the last thing you want to deal with is gaps in medication. Which is why we're excited to release our latest app update to help you avoid gaps with two bold new features.

1. Help to avoid gaps in your medication

Your consultant will recommend an alternative if your medication is out of stock. Tap to order or choose to contact us if you have questions.

To help minimise disruption when your pharmacy is out of stock, your consultant has selected the best alternative product for you in a similar price range and Project Twenty21 membership.

This feature will help avoid any gaps in your treatment.

🔜 Coming soon we’ll notify you when your regular medication is back in stock too!

Request alternative
2. Request repeat prescriptions as quickly as possible

To avoid delays in receiving your medication we recommend requesting your next prescription as soon as possible.

To get a quick idea of when you're able to, we've added a countdown of days until you can next make your request 🙌


It doesn't stop there - here's a run-down of what else you'll find in our latest app update...

+ Clearer next steps in your care

It’s now easier to discover the next step in your treatment plan. If there’s an action you need to take, we’ll let you know why and how you can get back on track.

Next step

+ Identify your support issue faster

We’ve given you some suggested scenarios to choose from when you get in touch with us, to help you identify your issue faster.

+ Find what you need faster with a simpler homescreen

Everything related to your prescription will now be housed in the prescriptions tab, so you can find what you need faster.


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