Tips For Keeping Cool in the Summer Heat

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Shona Louise | Patient Inclusion Advisor at Leva Clinic

First Published 6/21/2022

Last Updated 4/18/2023

Now we’ve had our first 30+ degree heat day, I think we can safely say summer has begun! Whilst these super hot days aren’t overly common in the UK, it does mean that when they do happen we are wildly unprepared as a country to deal with them. And for those living with a long term health condition, it can be even more difficult to regulate your own temperature and keep cool. So, here’s a few tips to note down ready for the next heatwave!

Drink plenty of water

Now, this probably seems silly to remind you of, but it’s vital that on warmer days you’re drinking more water than usual. It’s very easy to go a few hours without remembering to have a drink, but before you know it you’ve got a headache and are overheating. I really recommend a water bottle that keeps your water cool, or you can also put drinks in the fridge or freezer, ready to pull out when you need them. It’s also important to remember that drinking alcohol can dehydrate you as well, so if you really want to have a drink, you’ll need to up your water intake even more.

Get yourself a cooling towel

I think we’ve all put a wet flannel over our faces at night at some point when the temperature has been too hot to even think about sleeping, but there are actually specially designed cooling towels out there that will maximise that effect. You simply soak the towel in water and then you can wrap it around your neck and wear it whilst you go about your day.

Put a bowl of ice in front of your fan

For those of us that have a fan I’m sure we are all aware that at some point during the day, it just feels like they are pushing out hot air. Well, there’s a couple of things you can do to counteract that. Firstly, place your fan on the floor where the air is coolest, and you can also place a bowl of ice in front of the fan to lower the temperature of the air it’s circulating.

Get rid of the duvet

When temperatures are at their very worst, sleep can feel impossible. You toss and turn, wanting some covers on you but it simply being too warm to do so. One tip is to sleep simply with a sheet rather than the thick duvet that usually goes inside.

Keep windows and curtains closed

When the temperature is highest, particularly when the sun is blasting through the window, shutting your curtains, blinds and windows can help to cool down the inside of your house. For example, I know that in the morning in my home workspace the room stays cool, until the sun makes it way over to that side of the house, at which point I’ll shut the window and close my curtains, and it stops the greenhouse effect. Reopen your windows at night once the temperature is lower.

It’s also really important to be aware that some medications can make you more sensitive to the sun, so drink plenty of water, wear SPF and try to stay out of direct sunlight when these heatwaves hit.

Do you have any tips for staying cool? If you would like to get in touch with Shona you can follow her on twitterinstagram or drop her a message via her website.

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