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To celebrate Pain Awareness Month, we're giving away spaces on our six-week online pain management programme FREE with every initial consultation booked.

Book before 29th Sept to be eligible (even if the consultation date falls after the 29th Sept).

Book an initial consultation for £99

🌟 30-minute online pain assessment with a leading pain consultant.

🌟 You'll explore your pain, past experiences, treatment and future goals.

🌟 Agree a treatment plan grounded in the latest pain science.

🌟 Treatment plan will reduce unhelpful and harmful medication and may include a prescription for medical cannabis.

🌟 If prescribed, we'll explain any additional costs for you to decide.

And access FREE group workshops

🚀 Six-week online pain management programme, led by seasoned pain clinicians. Each session lasts one hour.

🚀 Q&A with Leva experts, including physiotherapists, psychologists and pain specialist nurses.

🚀 Join a small group of peers on a shared journey through the challenges of living with pain.

Lifetime access to online self-guided pain management programme. 25+ hours of activities, practices and flare-up tools.


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Videos, guides and FAQs. Everything you need and how to speak to someone below.

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An introduction to Leva Clinic

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Success stories with Leva


How to register as a patient


How does Leva Clinic compare to others?

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John's journey with Leva

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Discover a new way (webinar)

Feel confident in the care of leading pain specialists

Meet your consultant and the team who'll look after you.


Dr Charlotte Small

Consultant in Pain Medicine

Leva Chief Medical Officer


Dr Arun Bhaskar

Consultant in Pain Medicine

Past President British Pain Society


Dr Sarah Aturia

Consultant in Pain Medicine

Lecturer for the Essential Pain Management Programme


Dr Alifia Tameem

Consultant in Pain Medicine

Editor of the Essential Notes in Pain Medicine

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Am I 'eligible' for your support?
What conditions or symptoms do you treat?
How much does medical cannabis cost?
What if I change my mind?
When will the sessions begin?
Who will deliver the programme?
What types of services do you offer for pain management?
What can I expect during a pain assessment?
Who will be in my cohort group for the programme?
Will the sessions be recorded?
What happens after I complete the group workshops?
What will we learn about in the six-week programme?
Can I get a refund if I change my mind later?

Your journey with Leva

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Payment options


Frequently asked questions

What will happen at my pain assessment?
How much does medical cannabis cost and how is it prescribed?
What clinical support is required if I'm prescribed medical cannabis?
What are the payment options?
Can I get a refund if I change my mind later?
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