“It’s an absolute God-send and made a huge difference.”

Emma's one of the 2.5m people in the UK living with Fibromyalgia. Discover how we could help you live better with it too.

Fibromyalgia is complex

Fibromyalgia is an invisible challenge that reshapes lives daily. It's the uninvited guest stealing sleep, cancelling plans, and disrupting routines.

Discovering a diagnosis is like finally giving an uninvited guest a name – a way to understand the intruder that's been disrupting life.

But gaining this understanding can be a tiring and frustrating journey. Many have struggled to feel heard and validated by healthcare services, often feeling like their pain is dismissed as being 'all in their head'.


We treat it differently

Imagine Fibromyalgia like an unwelcome guest. The old-fashioned way of dealing with it is like trying to get rid of a stubborn visitor at your door by using just one tool: medication. It's a bit like trying to clean up a big mess with only a broom.

But there's a better way, called the 'biopsychosocial' approach. This idea was proposed almost 50 years ago and it's like getting to know this guest a bit better.

But because not all doctors and health professionals are familiar with the biopsychosocial approach, some still use the old way that's less effective for supporting people with Fibromyalgia.

The biopsychosocial approach becomes a set of tools to help you understand and deal with this guest. Along with new treatments like medical cannabis and options like pain-specialist physiotherapy and psychology, it's like discovering new ways to make this guest less intrusive.

We also offer treatment not on the NHS

We offer high quality, evidence based care for patients living with chronic pain. We're able to offer some patients emerging treatments not provided by the NHS.

This includes medical cannabis, which was legalised for patient use in the UK in 2018.

How medication is taken


Pain severity improvement †


Stopped opioid usage †


Reduction in anxiety and depression †

We want you to feel safe

Our priority is to help you live better with your pain so you can live your life.

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5 stars on Trustpilot

I have no intention of using anyone else for pain management

Scott, Trustpilot

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5 stars on Trustpilot

I've made huge progress in such a short amount of time and can't wait to keep building on this

Grace, Trustpilot

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5 stars on Trustpilot

Since i became a patient with Leva Clinic, my life has improved ten fold

Anonymous, Trustpilot

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Meet our team

Our team of pain specialist doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists and nurses have years of experience working in the NHS, private practice and the voluntary sector.

Dr Charlotte Small

Dr Charlotte Small

Consultant in Pain Medicine

Chief Medical Officer

Dr Charlotte Small

Dr Arun Bhaskar

Consultant in Pain Medicine

Past President British Pain Society

Dr Charlotte Small

Dr Sarah Aturia

Consultant in Pain Medicine

Lecturer for the Essential Pain Management Programme


Dr Alifia Tameem

Consultant in Pain Medicine

Editor of the Essential Notes in Pain Medicine

Is Fibromyalgia your unwanted guest?

We offer 1:1 support, clinician-led group programmes and self-paced tools.

  • Build confidence and reduce pain's hold. To help you achieve what felt impossible before.

  • Unlock and apply the latest pain science. Under the guidance of renowned specialists.

  • Break free from unhelpful and harmful medications. Explore emerging treatments not available on the NHS like medical cannabis in a safe environment.


Limited time only

All for £99. Offer ends 23rd Sept.

Book a pain assessment for £99

🌟 Spend 30-minutes online pain assessment with a leading pain consultant.

🌟 You'll explore your pain, past experiences, treatment and future goals.

🌟 Agree a treatment plan grounded in the latest pain science.

🌟 Treatment plan will reduce unhelpful and harmful medication and may include a prescription for medical cannabis.

🌟 If prescribed, we'll explain any additional costs for you to decide.

And access FREE group workshops

🚀 Six-week online pain management programme, led by seasoned pain clinicians. Each session lasts one hour.

🚀 Q&A with Leva experts, including physiotherapists, psychologists and pain specialist nurses.

🚀 Join a small group of peers on a shared journey through the challenges of living with pain.

Lifetime access to online self-guided pain management programme. 25+ hours of activities, practices and flare-up tools.


Emma's journey

Emma shares her journey with Fibromyalgia and how life has changed since joining Leva.

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Reasons to consider us

  • You'd like to learn new ways of managing your Fibromyalgia pain

  • You want to feel safe exploring medical cannabis

  • You'd like a treatment plan that goes beyond medication

  • You'd like the convenience of online care

  • You want to feel heard

Pain Aware

Your questions answered

At Leva Clinic, our UK based expert team understands the complexities of fibromyalgia and the pain it can cause and are up-to-date to with the latest research and treatments to help you manage your pain.

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What are the symptoms of fibromyalgia?
Is there a cure for fibromyalgia?
Is Medical Cannabis legal in the UK?
Is Medical Cannabis effective in relieving Chronic Pain?
Will Medical Cannabis make me feel high?
Are there any side effects of Medical Cannabis?
Can I drive if I'm prescribed Medical Cannabis?

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Data from proprietary data sources including working with researchers from Imperial College and participation in research with Project Twenty21, Drug Sciences Project. BP (Pain Severity): 94% of patients reported an improvement in the severity of their pain. The percentage of chronic pain patients who reported any use of opioids had reduced from 441 (55.1%) to 177 (22.1%) indicating that over half (59.9%) of those using opioids had stopped all use of the drugs. >50% of patients with indications of major depression on initial assessment show significant improvement after 3 months of treatment with medical cannabis and an online pain management programme.

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