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Your pain journey. How we work.

We're the first CQC-regulated fully online chronic pain clinic. We offer evidence-based treatments for chronic pain, including those not available on the NHS.

1 Pain Clinic

Share your pain experience with us

Complete our short form to help us understand your pain.

A member of our team will give you a quick call to talk you through the process of getting started and answer any questions you have.


Persistent pain
2 Pain Clinic

Meet your Consultant, create a treatment plan

You’ll meet your Consultant online for the first time. They’ll take the time to understand how pain affects your life and what you’d like to achieve.

You'll discover all of the options available to you - including treatments not available on the NHS.

Together you'll create a plan that goes beyond medication to help you live your life better.

£99 one-time fee

Specialist pain consultant
3 Pain Clinic

Access everything you need as a patient

You’ll get access to the tools, advice and prescriptions you need, which might include medical cannabis. You'll meet a pain specialist every 3 months to review your plan and measure progress.

You’ll learn how to build healthy new habits and understand your pain with access to our self-guided online pain management programme.

Together we hope to help you achieve the things you didn’t think were possible.

Price depends on treatment plan

Chronic pain

Typical treatment plan costs (inc. medical cannabis)

To give you an idea of prices when calculated daily.


For continued clinical support


For medical cannabis (if prescribed)

You won't actually pay daily. This number is made up of:

✔️ £99 every 3 months for Leva Clinic

✔️ £150 average a month to pharmacy

Clinical support you'll get from us


Monthly prescriptions

If prescribed medical cannabis

You'll be notified by app when a prescription is available. We'll send this to your preferred pharmacy for you to pay for. Medication is delivered discreetly by courier. Please note: prescriptions are at the discretion of your Consultant.

Pain Clinic

Follow-ups every 3 months

With your clinician

Quarterly follow-ups to chat about your progress and anything on your mind. They'll help optimise your plan and connect you with any extra support you might need. Additional appointments with specialists available at extra cost.


On-demand pain tools

Pain management programme

Get access to our online pain management programme. 25+hours of exercises and content to help you change your relationship to pain. Co-created by the UK's leading pain experts and chronic pain patients. Weekly online drop-in session and Q&A led by a qualified pain specialist.

Full price list

Start your journey

Do the things you didn't think were possible.

5 stars on Trustpilot

I've made huge progress in such a short amount of time and can't wait to keep building on this

Grace, Trustpilot

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5 stars on Trustpilot

I have no intention of using anyone else for pain management

Scott, Trustpilot

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5 stars on Trustpilot

Since i became a patient with Leva Clinic, my life has improved ten fold

Anonymous, Trustpilot

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Example medical cannabis costs

The issuing of written medical cannabis prescriptions is included in the fee you pay to us. If you're prescribed, we'll send your prescription to the pharmacy.

They'll contact you to arrange its payment and delivery. The amount you'll pay depends on your prescription. Here are some examples.

Chronic pain patient

John pays £265 per month

Has been able to get back into running.


Medical Cannabis - £220 for 40g flower


Medication has enabled him to live a more active and pain free life


Sees consultant every 3 months for a check-up

"Since joining Leva around 18 months ago everything has changed for the better."

Chronic pain

Stacey pays £260 per month

Has been able to go back to work.


Medical Cannabis - £150 bottle oil, £65 flower


Pain, sleep, anxiety and concentration levels have all improved


Has felt the best she ever has since her fibromyalgia diagnosis

Chronic pain support group

We're 100% online

We're accessible

Access us from your mobile, computer or tablet. Save the money, time and energy you'd spend travelling to and from a physical clinic.

We're flexible

Choose appointment times that work best for you. Book via our easy-to-use online booking tool.

Bring us to you

You'll be able to show us the obstacles you face in your own home. We'll have a better chance of finding a solution than talking about it in a doctor's room.


Accessible via app

Download our app on iOS or Android to get the best Leva experience.

📣 Get notified when repeat prescriptions are due

🔁 Order repeat prescriptions

🗣 Contact your clinic team easily

iPhone Leva app

Help to avoid gaps in your medication

Your consultant will recommend an alternative if your medication is out of stock. Tap to order or choose to contact us if you have questions.


Request prescriptions as quickly as possible

Be notified when a renewal is due. The prescription countdown tells you how long until you can request your next prescription.


Frequently asked questions

Am I tied in to a contract?
What will happen at my initial consultation?
How do I use Google Meet? Do I need to show my face?
How often can I reorder my Medical Cannabis prescription?
I'm currently taking medication. Will this interact with my Medical Cannabis?
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Start your journey

Do the things you didn't think were possible.

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