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Book a pain assessment for £99

🌟 30-minute online pain assessment with a leading pain consultant.

🌟 You'll explore your pain, past experiences, treatment and future goals.

🌟 Agree a treatment plan grounded in the latest pain science.

🌟 Treatment plan will reduce unhelpful and harmful medication and may include a prescription for medical cannabis.

🌟 If prescribed, we'll explain any additional costs for you to decide.

And access FREE group workshops

🚀 Six-week online pain management programme, led by seasoned pain clinicians. Each session lasts one hour.

🚀 Q&A with Leva experts, including physiotherapists, psychologists and pain specialist nurses.

🚀 Join a small group of peers on a shared journey through the challenges of living with pain.

Lifetime access to online self-guided pain management programme. 25+ hours of activities, practices and flare-up tools.


Offer has now expired

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All for £99. Offer ends 29th September.

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What conditions or symptoms do you treat?
How much does medical cannabis cost?
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When will the sessions begin?
Who will deliver the programme?
What types of services do you offer for pain management?
What can I expect during a pain assessment?
Who will be in my cohort group for the programme?
Will the sessions be recorded?
What happens after I complete the group workshops?
What will we learn about in the six-week programme?

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