How medical cannabis is taken

In this how-to guide we talk about how to take your prescribed medication. Read on for more on administration of oils and flowers, including storage.

How medication is taken

Medical cannabis oil

Medical cannabis oil is designed to be administered sublingually (underneath the tongue). This can be taken alongside food or drink if required, but is most effective when taken on an empty stomach. You will find your dosage instructions from your Consultant on the packaging of your medication. You can also find this in your consultation notes.

Medical cannabis oils

Medical cannabis flower

For many patients, a prescription will be the first time they’ve seen cannabis flower in person. This guide gives a brief overview of vaporising and storing prescribed cannabis flowers.

Medical cannabis flower

Equipment for using medical cannabis flower:


  • Dry herb vaporiser (e.g. Mighty Medic/Mighty Medic + Vaping Device)

  • Grinder (included with purchase of the Mighty Medic/ Mighty Medic +)

  • Cleaning materials (included with purchase of the Mighty Medic/ Mighty Medic +)

  • Locked storage box for keeping medication safely out of reach

Preparing medical cannabis flower:

Before use, you will need to break down the cannabis flower for use in your vaporiser using the grinder provided.

Your Consultant will state the starting and maximum daily dose of prescribed cannabis flower. The Mighty Medic/Mighty Medic + comes with dosing capsules to help you measure the quantity of medication.

Using your vaporiser

  1. Load your ground cannabis flower into the dosing capsules then place into the the heating chamber of your vaporiser, following manufacturer instructions.

  2. Once loaded, turn your vaporiser on and set your chosen to 180 degrees for optimum activation the of cannabinoids in your medication.

  3. Once all the medication in the dosing chamber has become brown, you will to discard the flower and clean your vaporiser before your next dose.


Cleaning your vaporiser

  • Vaporisers need to be cleaned regularly as per manufacturer instructions.

  • It is recommended to heat the vaporiser and allow it to cool after cleaning before use, to remove any possible residue.

Side effects

Start with a small dose, inhaling one or two times, waiting 15-30 minutes to assess how you feel. If you are not experiencing adverse effects and have

Side effects
  • Over time, patients find their individualised dose and number of inhales they need to obtain relief.

  • Coughing is common when starting using a vaporiser. This should subside quickly.

If you consume too much or too quickly, side effects such as anxiety, paranoia, drowsiness, nausea or headaches can sometimes occur. These typically subside within 1-2 hours.

Side effects should be reported to your clinic. If you need urgent care, call 111/999.

Storing your medical cannabis flower

Cannabis is a highly controlled medication and should be stored in the container provided by the pharmacy at all times. Only one package of each product should be opened at a time.

Be mindful that improper storage can introduce mould and microbial contamination.

Storing medical cannabis

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding your medication, please email and a member of the team would be happy to help.

Any questions


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