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You Deserve Better Pain Relief

5 million people are prescribed strong painkillers.
4 million won’t get any benefit from them.

What if you could reduce your meds and your pain?

The old way of treating pain was to prescribe painkillers. The new, more effective way looks beyond just medication.

An empowering new approach

We combine 1-1 and peer support with safer and more effective treatments, all based on the latest pain science and accessible via app.

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Better Meds

Reduce your dependency on painkillers in a safe, controlled way. If you'd like to replace medication with something more effective with fewer side effects, we're able to prescribe medical cannabis* to relieve pain and ease your mind.


Better Mind

Unlock and apply the latest pain science. Your pain is not all in your head, but our thoughts and feelings can make it feel much worse. We help you build transformative and healthy habits, without any patronising ‘painsplaining’.

Better Life

Better Life

Build confidence and reduce pain's hold. We’re on and by your side with 1-1 support every step of the way, together with a community of your peers to motivate you. Your invisible safety net here to help you reintegrate into life and achieve what felt impossible before.

“I had my last prescription tablet on 18/02/22”.

We've supported hundreds of patients including Vernon, Claire, Emma and John. Watch them share their experiences.

You set the pace

It starts with your goal

You have a goal, whether it's a conscious desire or something deep within you. It could be as simple as wanting more happiness, reducing reliance on painkillers, feeling more purposeful or getting back into the workforce.

Starts with goal

Own your journey

Track your pain and symptoms

Easily record your progress, track your journey and reflect on your achievements. Add personal notes and mementos. It's your personal space to document and witness the incredible progress you’re making on your journey.

Track pain and symptoms

Your community of peers

Meet others living with pain

Your story is one-of-a-kind, but that doesn't mean you're on your own. Step into our welcoming online peer sessions where you meet others living with pain. Share your experiences, discover something new and glean wisdom from those who've walked in your shoes.


Learn and apply the latest pain science

Without the ‘painsplaining’

Prepare to dive deeper into the intricate world of pain. We won't just throw jargon at you, we'll guide you through the latest scientific insights in a way that not only makes sense but empowers you to take meaningful action.


On and by your side every step of the way.

On and by your side


Get matched with the clinician right for you

Our team of renowned pain specialists are ready to guide you. But it's not just about medical expertise - it's about forging a connection. Tell us what’s important to you and we’ll match you with a safe pair of hands you’ll connect heart-to-heart with.

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A joined-up team who understand and listen

No more circular referrals and retelling your story. We've torn down the walls and built bridges. Our in-house team of consultants, nurses, psychologists and physios not only talk to each other but with your GP and other healthcare providers. All on the same page. Your pain, your struggles, your triumphs - it's a collective effort, and everyone's got your back.

5 stars on Trustpilot

I've made huge progress in such a short amount of time and can't wait to keep building on this

Grace, Trustpilot

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5 stars on Trustpilot

I have no intention of using anyone else for pain management

Scott, Trustpilot

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5 stars on Trustpilot

Since i became a patient with Leva Clinic, my life has improved ten fold

Anonymous, Trustpilot

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Do the things you didn't think were possible.


Are you worried about your medication?

It's time for a reality check

While they can be effective for some pains, there is little evidence that so-called painkillers are effective for most chronic pain conditions. Despite this some 5m people are prescribed meds such as opioids or benzodiazepines. The thing is, for some, the medication might actually be doing more harm than good.

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Pain science has evolved significantly in recent years

Doctors are encouraged to think twice before prescribing. The shift is crucial, but it leaves many people living with chronic pain facing uncertainty. You find yourself questioning whether these meds are helping or hurting? And if not, what alternatives exist if painkillers aren't the answer?

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